Lesson 9 Verb to be 1/2

You might have noticed Thai language's grammar is not very complicated, there's no such thing as different form of verb for different subjects( ya know is,am,are, to be) IN Thai, we rather have specific word for specific meaning of verb to be. Never thought I'd ever do this, but have actually classed Verb to be in to 3 typs:
1. v2b+adj for example She is pretty. The IS in Thai is PBEN

2.v2b+n(non human) for example This is a cat. The IS inThai is KUE
3.v2b+places for example He is at school. The IS in Thai is YUUTEE

She is pretty = Ter narak or Ter pben khon narak
This is a cat = Neeh kue maaw
He is at school = Kao yuutee rongrien

excuse my broken English :)
So there's only 3 words more to remember for Verb to Be, all you need to remember is Which type of V2B it is.


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