Lesson 7 Counting in Thai 1 to million

Disclaimer: All transliteration displayed may not be as exact as the way each word is actually pronounced. Use it, along with my pronunciation, as a guideline and come up with your own system to aid you with the memorisation. Happy learning, guys!

counting is essential in any languages, it's time to learn some Thai numbers!
1 Nueng
2 Song
3 Sam
4 See
6 Hog
7 Jed
8 Pbad
9 Gao
10 Sip 11 Sip Ed 17 Sip Jed
20 Yee Sip 21 Yee Sip Ed 29 Yee Sip Gao
30 Sam Sip
100 Neung Roy 101 Neung Roy Ed 187 Neung Roy Pbad Sip Jed
1000 Neung Pan 1654 Neung Pan Hog Roy Hah Sip See
10000 Neung Muan
100000 Neung San
1000000 Neung Lan!!
Number's not sa hard. Don't forget to us ED instead of One in 11, 21, 31, 101, 1001,100001, thoes ones in the back are all Ed, Once you mastered that you speak Thai better than a Thai.


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