Lesson 8 Units

Animal unit- Thau(like clothes)
pen/pencil or things in similar shap- Daam
handbags/bowl/photos/cards- bai
hard thin peice of somthing/cd/dvd/paper- Pan
Plastic bags/products that comes in bags - Toong
cars - Kan
books- Lhem
real small hard bits like rice, diamond, buttons - Med
bottles- Kuwad
rings- Wong
lights - duwang
eggs - Fong
Round shaped fruits- Look

If you're not sure of what to use at that moment??

Lots of time we just use the noun again as a unit(double technique)

2 fingers, New(finger) song New
2 legs Ka(leg)2 Ka
Keep safe and use that... our double technique( maximize the use your foriegnerness, and get away with it)
If you have a good friend, he/she'll correct the unit for ya.


  1. Hi, Bon
    My name is Larry and my wife is Thailand, and she is the most beautiful being i every met for a soul mate. I want to learn Thai and my wife helps, but because of the two of us active all the time your videos are a great help. Now,you had a word and its spelling is hlang is the letter h silent and could you help explain silent letter or letters before a word in Thai


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