Lesson 15 Colors Talk

We missed one color in espisode 14 which is Pink - Seeh Chompoo

Now let's learn more into the word Seeh (colors)
Seeh also means the action of rubbing one thing against another repeatedly
We use it with musical instrument such as Violin and Saw( Thai instrument)

Dark colors - Seeh(color) Khem(dark) exp. Dark green - seeh keaw khem
Light colors- Seeh on(light) exp. Light green - seeh keaw on

HOw to say something is.... color?

Subject+seeh+ ...(color)..
Thang huu seeh tong - Gold earings
Sua see Dumm - Black top
Pom see Dumm - Black hair

toothbrush - prang(brush) see(rub) fun(teeth)
Prang seeh fun see luerang - yellow toothbrush

Some colors means somethingeles
1. Tong = Gold
2. Ngern = silver = money ( Can I have some money? Kor ngern dai mai"
3. Naamtan = brown =Suger ( Treditionally Thais use palm suger and they're brown)
4. Fah = sky blue =Sky
5. Som = orange

Thai saying
Seeh(rub) saw(Thai instrument) hai(for) kwhy(buffalo) fung(listen)
Doing something or teaching something to people who are clueless


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