Have troubles sayin NO?

How to say “No” in Thai.By Jang

Thailand is not really that bad with street hawkers, tuk tuk drivers or people trying to sell you something. International sign language of shaking your head and walking on usually works. But try some of these phrases, you might surprise them. They then might stop bothering you.

ไม่เอาครับ mài ao khrab* I don’t want any

ไม่มีตังค์ mài mi: dtang I don’t have any money

ลืมเอาตังค์มา lum ao dtang ma: I forgot my money
*for women you must say kâ not kráp.

When you are walking down a street you might hear someone ask you “bai nai?” This means “Where are you going?” Usually it will be a tuk tuk driver but sometimes just an ordinary person. Some visitors get annoyed because they hear it so often. But really, “bai nai” is like a greeting and the person isn’t really interested in your answer.

A: ไปไหน bai nǎi?

Where are you going?

B: ไปเที่ยว bai tîaw

going out for pleasure
That might be enough for most people. But, if a tuk tuk driver is insistant try:

จะเดินไป ja der:n bai I want to walk

A common complaint we get are about tuk tuk drivers or other people telling tourists that a temple or museum is closed for the day. They then take the tourists to another place and then eventually a gem shop. This is a scam. Try some of these replies:

ไม่เชื่อ mài chûa I don’t believe you

ไม่จริง mài jing Not true
จะไปดูเอง ja bai du: e:ng I want to go and see for myself
เคยไปมาแล้ว ker:y bai ma: láe:w I have been there already
ไม่อยากไป mài yàk bai I don’t want to go

Hope you enjoyed learning Thai…

Thanks to Prae for this Article


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