lesson 18 short but sufficeint 1/2

After the survay on facebook another short but sufficient is UP!
Verb of the day is RRo รอ

  1. Danny rro katie yuutee the Mall แดนนี่รอแคที่อยู่ที่เดอะมอลล์ Danny is waiting for Katie at the Mall.
  2. Chan rro Jenny yuutee Baan ฉันรอเจนนี่อยู่ที่บ้าน I am waiting for Jenny at home

Basically here is how you say you 're waiting for someone somewhere


and here is how you say you're waiting for someone for a long time

S+rro+O+nan maak (on the other hand not long is MAI nan, and there's other ways of saying as well in part two of this lesson)

First short but sufficient is

Nidnoi - just a little (use it with anything)

ngoo ngoo pla pla - just a little( use it with only language skill) one knows a few words in the language and can maybe get by with thoes words :)


  1. hmmmm. this video and another one I clicked on didn't work. Says is private video.


  2. ohw I'm sooo sorry Terry, I have fixed it. Enjoy!

  3. สวัสดีครับครูบน looking forward to the lesson on tones, they are so hard to learn and to pronounce good. Any help is welcome. tiger, shirt, floor-math or new, wood, not or come, horse, dog they all sound so similar in thai


  4. Hi Bon! You doing geat.
    Greece is here!!!

  5. great lessons bon, and your english is perfect. pom kit kun chalaad maak


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