lesson 18 Short but sufficient 2/2

Now we are on to Short but sufficient about the TIME

rew rew noi เร็วๆหน่อย hurry up

chaa chaa noi ช้าๆหน่อย slow down

now different attitude of won't be long

1. (annoyed) Deaw si ++ this one is my usually answer to too many times of "rew rew noi."

2 (not annoyed) Deaw na ++ nice aned chillin answer

The pbap family

1. pbab nung - just a sec

2.pbab deaw - not for long

3. rro pap - wait a sec

If someone asked you "Rro nan mai?"(waited long?) Pbab deaw makes more sense.

If you're with your customer in a shop and your mate stoped by to say hi " Pbap nung or rro pbab make sense to me.

So until the next lesson " rro pap :)"


  1. I looked the rest of the words up; apologies in advance for any errors. :-)

    เร็วๆหน่อย :::: ray-o ray-o noi
    ช้าๆหน่อย :::: cha cha noi
    เดี๋ยวซิ :::: dee-yow si
    เดี๋ยวนะ :::: dee-yow na
    แป๊บหนึ่ง :::: bpaep nung
    แป๊บเดี๋ยว :::: bpaep dee-yow
    รอแป๊บ :::: rraw bpaep

    It seems like every Thai-English book, dictionary, and person uses a different Romanization / transliteration system. None of them is perfect!


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