Basic telephone phrases

The following is an imaginary conversation on the telephone. I have tried to keep it simple so that it will be easier for you to remember. Some of the phrase books give you really long examples which are complicated and not necessary. If you listen to a Thai person speaking on the phone you will often hear them say "krub, krub, krub". This is like saying "yes, yes, yes". To be extra polite to an older person like my grandparents I will say "krub phom" every few minutes. Don't forget girls will say "kaa".

Sam: Hello. May I speak to Danny please? (hello khor sai Danny krub)

Danny's dad: Who is calling? (jark krai * krub)

Sam: Sam. (Sam krub)

Danny's dad: Please wait. (ror suk kru krub)

Sam: OK. (krub)

Danny: Hello. (hello)

Sam: Hello. Danny? This is Sam. (hello Danny rer** nee Sam na)

Danny: Hi Sam. What's up? (sawatdee*** Sam mee a-rai rer)


Extra phrases:

Danny is not here. (Danny mai yoo)

When will Danny be back? (laew Danny ja glub mua rai krub)

That's all, bye? (kae nee na krub sa wat dee krub)

More useful phrases & words:

Can you please tell him/her that I called? (bork khao wa phom toh ma dai mai?)

Can you ask him/her to call me back? (bork khao hai toh glub har phom dai mai?)

My number is ... (ber toh ra sub phom keu ...)


Contact (dtid dtor)

Extension 123 (dtor neung song sam)

Wrong number (toh phid)



* literally "from who"
** "rer" means question mark.
*** with friends I usually shorten "watdee" instead of saying the full "sawatdee". "Sawatdee" is normally used with elders.

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  1. Hi there bon,

    Just discovered your youtube vids and arrived on your blog now. Great work!
    Is it possible to always write the vocabulary in thai script. Sometimes I don't get the phonetic writing. If I would see the thai script I would know.
    Keep up the great job


  2. Eddy I try to put Thai Script most of the time :) sorry for the one that I haven't. Keep checkin it out :)

  3. Like your hair and like the way you



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