The Chang song!! Every Thai knows this song!

I swear guys, this might be the first song I've ever learned or any Thai kids..I love it, you learn about body parts of this Thai national animal, enjoy!

Chang Chang Chang Chang Chang Elephants Elephants Elephants Elephants Elephants
Nong keay hen chang rue plaw? Have you ever seen elephants?
Chang mun thua tho mai bao Elephants, are quite big in size
Jamook yao yao reeag wa ngooang Long nose is called Ngooang
me keaw thai ngooang reeag wa ngang have teeth underneath Ngang is called Ngang
mee hoo me tha haang yaoo have ears have eyes, long tail

ช้าง ช้าง ช้าง ช้างช้าง
จมูกยาวๆ เรียกว่างวง
มีหูมีตา หางยาง

We will end this with a proverb about Chang.

Chang thigh(die) tang(whole) thua(animal unit) aow(take) bai(leaf) bua(lotus) ma(come) pbid(cover) = ช้างตายทั้งตัวเอาใบบัวมาปิด
word by word traslation
Elephant die, cover with lotus leaf
Serious scandals can not be kept secret just as how you can't cover a dead elephant with just a lotus leaf :)

Learn it to earn it!


  1. สวัสดีครับคุณBon,
    My friend suggested me to visit your website. No regret I did! Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Thai language with everybody. I'm happy to see my favorite song over here, hah!

    ps: Shouldn't it be หางยาว in stead of หางยาง?

    1. Who is the composer? and the singer and when it started to sing? what year?

  2. Hi, THanks a lot for your helping us to learn Thai Languages.^^ nice job.

  3. I love this song since I was a kid! Thanks Bon...

  4. Hi Bon!
    I live in Iceland and just found your website the other day when I was looking for at children's song from Thailand. I wanted to surprise my new college by singing a song from her home country. Anyway, I want to thank you very much for this perfect video! Not only did I lean the song by heart I now also know what every word I'm singing means! Next step is to teach it to all the children in the kindergarten where I work :))

  5. hey bon. Every Thai knows this song, then how could i learn thai language?
    best regards: nimra yasmeen

  6. Nice song, thanks for posting. I have noticed that other versions of this song use งา for tusk, not งาง. Is this a mistake?

  7. Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological world everything is presented on net?


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