I was thinkin about writing a book about JAI.

( I did a reserch on thai words or phrases that include the word Jai or heart, nearly 100 of them if not more, poped up, I wanted to share about it but somehow I forgot about this, I found the document and I thought I'd share the first bit, see if it interest anyone :) Enjoy

ONe day, a fan on facebook asked me if I would ever be writing a small pocket book about easy thai phrases and suddenly my creativity lightbulb turned on BLINK! let's do what he says! That's how this book came about. I decided to dedicate the first pocket book to JAI which means heart. The heart is everything in the old age philosophy worldwide and of course, we thai are Jai based people, it was heart breaking for me as a teenager to learn that you could live without a heart but impossible without a brain; that fact, ruined it all!

As you go through this book, you'll learn about Jai(heart)through my eyes, an Isaan girl, yet half chinese blood who spent some years in Western countries and is laughing at everything that she lays here eyes on, come in, the door of my heart is open to you.

Chapter Zero

Thai jai(heart)

There are a few ways we Thai call the heart. the psysical heart as we know in the scientific world is called Hua Jai

Hua jai, Hua means head, root, essense,lead,top .... and jai is in fact what Hua is all about, the word itself suggested that

they, hua and jai should be one, not hua pai tang, jai pai tang(head one way and heart one way). Whoever put them words together knows what he/she's talking about.

Now the unit of Jai

Spiritually the unit of Jai is Dwang, Dwang is also a unit of two other things which are light and stars... they're both bright, sparkle and give ways and so as Jai, the heart, the soul, the spirit. A thai buddhist monk once said that Jit or Jai is 'Prapadsorn" meaning sparkling, illuminating like the sun light warming the world at it's rise in early morning. As a buddhist I do belive that naturally with no distractions our Jit our Jai are simply Prapadsorn.

What's jit?

Since I mentioned the word Jit, I might as well explain it right away. Jit can mean mind , soul or sometimes heart. FOr a more spiritual and religious explanation Jit is the nature that precieve emotions, the nature that precive all our senses sometimes called the KNower or Puuroo in Thai. When we put jit and jai together we get whatever is left of us without our physical appearances. The nearest English word to Jit is the subconcious. I like to think that" Bon pben khon jitjai dee" Bon's a good hearted person, so as most people in the world.


  1. Hello Bon, Keep up the great work with LTTBW! Your lessons are fantastic. I find them highly entertaining, funny, memorable, and informative too. It's like my mood goes from good to off-the-charts great after watching your lessons; it makes me want to learn more.

    A million thanks.
    Jeff Beach

  2. Hi Bon, there's a book called Heart Talk written by Christopher Moore. Have you read it yet?

  3. hi, ive just came across your vids on youtube. i´m trying to learn thai as an autodidact. trying to teach myself the alphabet and grammar won´t lead me any furhter though (with english and french i did a good job i think) but the thai culture, mentality and logic is so different due to it´s sino-tibetian affiliation. the point i´m trying to make here: you are the 1st person ( i took a 1 semester evening class and the teacher straight up sucked/rather confused me) to give examples and little anecdotes that give a good insight on said thai ways. maybe i got unlucky with my teacher....
    thanks so far

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