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My first attempt of translating a Dhamma teaching.

I spent a few days at WAT MABJAN , a Buddhist temple in Rayong, as a friend suggested.  I admired how everyday, the abbot, Ajarn Anan would give a dhamma talk after the evening chanting routine and there's always a translator monk who translates his talk to English right after which I found practical and amazing at the same time. I grew up listening to Luangpu Ban Thanakaro, of Wat Doi Dhamma Jedee,  in Sakon Nakhon province, north eastern of Thailand. There were never such translating actions going on there, except when there were a non-thai visitors there, and there happened to be someone who speaks English at the time. My life, or my speaking rather, is much influenced by his style of expressing words.  Now that Luangpu Ban has passed away for 3 years..... I'm inspired, inspired by the translation happening at Wat Mabjan and definitely inspired by the priceless dhamma teaching of Luangpu Ban. I'm attempting to translate his dhamma talks and share them here for whoever co

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