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I was thinkin about writing a book about JAI.

Thank you Bill.

Thailand to the world

You guys! It's War time!

Lesson 19: Open and Close

Thank to you all! Khob khun maak ka!

Songran Day!!

18 learn Thai tone 1/2

18 Thai tones 2/2

Now what to say when go shopping!

Warming up your tone before the next lesson

lesson 18 short but sufficeint 1/2

lesson 18 Short but sufficient 2/2

Have troubles sayin NO?

Lesson 17:The Chang songs, the most famous song in Thailand

lesson 16: Verb to have

Basic telephone phrases

The Chang song!! Every Thai knows this song!

Telling Time = Borg wealaa

Home appliance

Days of the week

Starting a convo, with astrology!

Lesson 15 Colors Talk

Lesson 14 Colors

Lesson 13 Flirting 2/2

Lesson 13 Flirting 1/2

Lesson 12 Short but sufficient

Lesson 11 Weather excursion 2/2

Lesson 11 Weather excursion 1/2

Lesson 10 Putting things together

Lesson 9 Verb to be 2/2

Lesson 9 Verb to be 1/2

Lesson 8 Units

Lesson 7 Counting in Thai 1 to million

Lesson 6 Exam and summary

Lesson 5 Pronoun He, She, It

Lesson 4 Pronoun we, they

Lesson 3 Exam Time

Lesson 2 Calling you

Lesson 1 Ways of saying I/me in Thai.