"Just want to recommend the Thai Skype lessons by Bon. Lessons are tailored to what you need to be able to converse with Thais. I feel I've learned alot after 8 lessons. I not only learn alot but they're fun also. Thai lessons with a JaideeTV movie star! Soon she'll be so famous you won't be able to get Thai lessons. Ma...ybe soon I'll be able to understand JaideeTV."   Bill Jonse 6May2010

learn Thai via skype

Are you about to take a trip to Thailand and need a quick fix Thai lesson for survival? or Are you one of the people that have been to Thailand many times, fasinated by the culture and people, you're thinking about the final step to really deepen your understanding about the country which is learning the language..... Learn it to earn it BON


  • for 1-3 hours  310 NOK an hour
  • for 4 hours     260 NOK an hour
  • for 8 hours     210 NOK an hour
NOK is norwegian krone currency : 1 $ is about 6-7 NOK
  Check here for daily exchange rate     http://finance.yahoo.com/currency-converter/#from=USD;to=NOK;amt=1   

some ideas about what kind of lessons you want.

1. English for servival - Learn how to greet, and what to say in general situation for tourist
2. Thai writing and reading - you need Thai fonts and keyboard
3. Learn Thai to speak like a Thai - we start from the super basic and build up to the advance.

Please email me at bonratta@gmail.com

to make class reservation. Thank you:)

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