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                 Learn Thai the Bon's way blog is here today because of all the viewers/students of Learn Thai the Bon's way on youtube and some of them that made it to my fan page on facebook, we now have more than 250 fans and we thank every single one of you for being so supportive!
Thailand is one of the world's most attractive tourist destinations, people fall in love with our beaches, our people, our culture. Language is the last gateway to deepen your understanding about the country.            

               Psychologically language is connected to human's intelligence and other mentality charactoristics. You become a Thai when you speak Thai. I have been to many countries, and beleive me, being a Thai, you strangely gain a sense of freedom; after all, Thai means free.
              In this site, you'll find all my youtube lessons plus more written explanation for each lesson. All my new lessons can only be viewed here in this blogs. We are adding non-vdo lessons here becuase I sometime can not produce the vdo lessons as fast as I would like to, to meet all the requested topics from the facebook fanpage and youtube :)

            Hoepfully this blog will become a new meeting place for Thai language lovers!Let's get the class started!.. remember ....Ya gotta learn it to earn it!
                                                         Kob Khun ka                   

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